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Walter H. Pierce III

Finance Director/City Treasurer

Phone: (727) 391-9951 x 230


Patrick Cade

Accounting Manager

Phone: (727) 391-9951 x 237


Karen Paulson

Financial Coordinator

Phone:  (727) 391-9951 x 222


Donna Rolih

Assistant to the Finance Director

Phone: (727) 391-9951 x 229




The Assistant City Manager is responsible for the City’s budget, finance, and policy administration.  Finance Department functions include: accounting, auditing, and financial reporting; operating and capital budgeting; debt management; treasury and investment management; retirement and benefits administration; risk management; and procurement.


  • FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: Development and management of the annual budget, Capital Improvement Program (CIP), annual audit, and long-term financial projections.
  • TREASURY MANAGEMENT:  Management of operating cash, investment balances, and debt financing.
  • FINANCIAL REPORTING: Monthly revenue, expenditure and cash reports; annual Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).
  • COMPLIANCE: Revenue, expenditure and encumbrance monitoring; monthly BOC reporting; annual financial audit reporting.
  • HUMAN RESOURCES: Personnel budgeting, benefit/insurance program administration, pre-employment services, risk management and payroll management.
  • INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT):  Management of contractual IT service relationship.



FY 2019 Adopted Budget

FY 2018 Adopted Budget

FY 2017 Adopted Budget

FY 2017 Adopted Budget

FY 2017 Proposed Budget

FY 2016 Adopted Budget

FY 2015 Adopted Budget

FY 2014 Adopted Budget

FY 2013 Adopted Budget


Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

CAFR 09/30/2017

CAFR  09/30/16

CAFR 9/30/15

CAFR 9/30/14

CAFR 9/30/13

Financial Policies

Fund Balance Policy

Investment Management Policy

Revenue Management Policy

Debt Management Policy

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