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Best Beach Practices

  • Leave No Trace: Any unattended tent or property left on the Public Beach at night shall be deemed discarded by the owners and become the property of the City of Madeira Beach and may be removed and disposed of by the appropriate authority.
  • All holes on the beach are to be filled in the same day they are created.
  • Camping, bonfire, grilling, and glass are prohibited.

Getting Around

  • Pedestrians crossing Gulf Boulevard are to cross in designated crosswalks. Pedestrians in designated crosswalks have the right-of-way to vehicles.
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Turtle Season (April – October) – Sea turtles have a long history in our area and are endangered due to human interference. You can help protect our nesting sea turtles and other wildlife by leaving our beaches:

  • CLEAN – Leave no trash or beach furniture/toys on the beach overnight – required by the City’s ‘Leave No Trace’ ordinance.
  • FLAT – Sea turtles are made to swim; if they fall into a hole, they cannot escape. Fill in all holes & flatten your sand castles.
  • DARK – Sea turtles & hatchlings navigate by stars & moon reflected off the water. Flashlights, camera flashes, and building lights can disorient the turtles away from the sea. Please leave the turtles in the dark.

    All sea turtles and marine life are protected by law. Do not interfere with or disturb nesting turtles or hatchlings.

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