2023 Resident Parking Passes Available Dec. 19

Posted on December 16, 2022

Parking passes will be available starting December 19th.

Resident Parking Permit (1)

For 2023, we are rolling out Resident Parking Vanity Plates for an upcharge. This will allow residents to get a parking pass without adhering to a sticker on the car. Proceeds will go towards the parking garage fund.

Documents needed to get a pass:

  •  Vehicle Registration
  •  Driver’s License
  •  Lease Agreement or Real Estate Tax Bill (if the name does not match the Property Appraiser site)
    • Lease must be at a minimum 6 months.
  •  If a new car is purchased, bring in your new car registration to get a new sticker. We will void the old one and update our system.

Vanity Plate Info: 

vanity plate

  •  The cost is $40 per plate per year
  •  Vanity Plate will be included in the three passes per family allotment
  •  Vanity Plate must adhere to the front bumper of the vehicle
  •  Vanity Plates are non-transferrable; they are linked to a specific vehicle
  •  Parking tickets can be incurred if Vanity Plate is not adhered to correctly or on the incorrect vehicle
  •  If a new car is purchased, bring in the vanity plate and the vehicle registration. We will update the information in our system.

Reminder- Owners renting their properties are not eligible for parking passes. The City of Madeira Beach reserves the right to refuse or revoke parking passes.


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