2023 Resident Parking Passes Out Now

Resident Parking Pass

Residents park for free in Madeira Beach! Resident means a person who owns or leases real property within a residential area of the city and who maintains either a voting residence or bona fide occupancy or both at that address, as evidenced by a voter’s registration card, real estate tax bill, lease agreement, or other proof of residency satisfactory to the city. Sec. 66-73. – Resident parking permits


Stop by City Hall and grab one in person , please see below for items needed:

  • Driver’s License with Madeira Beach address
    *Address will be checked against the Pinellas Property Appraiser Website to make sure it is within City limits. 
  • Lease agreement (6 months or longer)
  • Real estate tax bill
  • Voter’s registration card

Resident parking permits are only valid in the following lots:
**The county parking lot at 14400 Gulf Boulevard is excluded from this section

  • Archibald Memorial Beach at 152nd Avenue and Gulf Boulevard.
  • Kitty Stuart Park at 141st Avenue and Gulf Boulevard.
  • City parking lots, 133rd and 134th Avenue, East and Gulf Boulevard.
  • City parking lots from 130th to 136th Avenue, West and Gulf Boulevard.
  • John’s Pass Park at 129th Avenue, West and Gulf Boulevard
  • John’s Pass Village parking lot and Village Boulevard


Sticker Placement: 

  • Place sticker on the lower left are of your front windshield
  • Vanity Plate must be placed on front of the car it is registered to
    • Free parking privileges will be revoked if transferred and you may incur a parking ticket

More questions on Resident Parking Options? Call 727-486-2332.

Resident Parking Vanity Plate Placement: 

  • Must be adhered to the front of the vehicle
  • Must match the vehicle plate number we have one file, if not a ticket will be issued and can result in loss of free resident parking privileges.
  • Must pay the annual fee of $40 for the vanity plate. Once a vanity plate is purchased for future years residents will have the option to receive a new vanity plate or just the sticker, either option will still cost $40 per plate per year.
    • Residents have the option to go back to the free sticker if they choose. Reminder, only 3 parking passes per family not property.
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