2023 Resident Parking Passes Out Now

Archibald Park



Park & Play!

The City of Madeira Beach parking is now PAY-BY-PLATE, instead of PAY-and-DISPLAY.  Parking Kiosk will no longer print a receipt to place inside vehicle dashboard.  The City’s Parking software records/stores all vehicle plate information to verify parking purchase.

You  may request a receipt via Text-by-Phone Number when paying at a Kiosk.  All app purchases provide a receipt within the app.

Visitors may purchase parking at the current $3.00 per hour rate:

  1. At any Parking Kiosk located in City-owned lots
  2. In-App purchase using Park Mobile App
  3. Via Text-by-Plate

Overnight Parking

Overnight Parking must be purchased through the meter or through the Park Mobile App, only a limited number of spots will be available for overnight parking per lot and will be on a first come first serve basis. Please see below for the lots we allow overnight parking at. If you pay for parking for a duration of time and move your car, there is not a grantee a spot will be available when your return even if you have time left.

  • Overnight Parking accepted at the following locations:
    • 130th Ave located west of Gulf Boulevard at 130th Avenue.
    • City parking lots – Located on the west side of Gulf Boulevard at 131st, 132nd, 133rd, 134th, 135th and 136th Avenues, and on the east side of Gulf Boulevard at 133rd Avenue.
  • Overnight Parking NOT available at the following locations:
    • John’s Pass Park Parking lot, 129th Ave
    • Archibald Memorial Beach Park, 15100 Gulf Boulevard.
    • John’s Pass Village parking lot  on street parking at Village Boulevar

Handicap Parking

Parking for drivers displaying a valid Handicap placard, license plate or sticker is free in all City owned parking lots and spaces. (FL Statute 316.1964)

Handicap parking permits or tags must be properly displayed and only used when vehicle is transporting person to whom the displayed permit is issued. If the permit holder is not exiting the vehicle, then the permit may not be used.  Permit is valid at any metered parking space without any time restrictions. All other rules of the spaces/lot must be followed (i.e., no parking after 12 AM, no parking in no-parking zones).



Madeira Beach provides complimentary parking to Veterans with the following license plates.  Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

  • Ex-prisoner of war
  • Pearl Harbor survivor
  • Medal of Honor
  • Purple Heart
  • Disabled Veteran
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