Madeira Beach Marina

Celebrating 75 Years!

Aerial View c 1940
Johns Pass aerial c 1950
Beach aerial 1970

Madeira Beach is celebrating 75 years of sunsets! Take a look at some of the history below:

  • In the early 1900's Noel Mitchell built the Mitchell hotel on the north side of  what is now John's Pass
  • The 1848 Hurricane sliced through the barrier islands to create John's Pass
  • 1926 the Welch Causeway was opened, Albert Archibald was the first car to cross the bridge
  • 1926 Archibald built a recreational casino, by early 1930's the casino
  • 1928 Archibald and Welch lobbied for Veterans Administration (VA) to build a soldiers’ home and promised to provide a beachfront recreational park for veterans to enjoy
  • 1928 Archibald secured electrical service from the mainland into Madeira and telephone service a couple of years later
  • 1933, Albert Archibald and David Welch, conveyed the gulf-front property now known as Archibald Memorial Beach Park to the United States government to entice the Veteran’s Administration to locate a hospital at what is now Bay Pines
  • May 5th, 1947, in the Recreation hall of Bay Palms Trailer Park on 150th Avenue, Madeira Beach was incorporated as the Town of Madeira Beach
  • May 14th, 1947, the first Town Council Meeting was held at the Real Estate office of George Gaines, at 141st Avenue and Gulf Boulevard
  • 1948 Town Hall was acquired and located at 14509 Gulf Blvd.
  • In 1950, the first Publix in the area was opened
  • August 8th, 1951 the Town of Madeira Beach and the Town of South Madeira Beach were consolidated forming the City of Madeira Beach
  • In 1958 the City purchased 24 acres of property for a Civic Center
  • 1965 the new City Hall was dedicated at 300 Municipal Dr.
  • 1969 the Gulf Beaches Library was dedicated
  • 1980 Wilson Hubbard built the board walk and led the development of John's Pass Village
  • 2015 the current City Hall opened replacing the old city hall building from 1965
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