Post Storm Damage Guide

Posted on July 7, 2021

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Post-Storm Guidance

Before you begin cleaning up after the storm make sure to document the damage and apply for building permits with the city. Building and demo permits due to flood damage will be free of charge for 30 days after the storm.  Bring yard and storm debris to the side of the street for pickup. The city crew cannot pick up concrete or accept paint or hazardous materials. Please be patient. There is a lot of work to do and landfills are often backed up. If you have any questions please reach out to the Building or Planning Departments at 727-391-9951.

Property Owner Responsibilities

Florida Post-Disaster Toolkit 2020, State Floodplain Management Office

  1. When buildings appear to have structural damage, obtain safety inspections by Building Officials or Code Enforcement Officers before going into damaged structures. The safety inspection is not equivalent to a preliminary substantial damage determination, but this will begin the process and further inspections will be scheduled.
  2. Take photographs of all building damage and damaged contents.
  3. If buildings are covered by NFIP flood insurance policies, contact insurance companies. Insurance companies will assign adjusters to inspect and prepare claim documentation. Owners must submit “Proof of Loss” information within 60 days of the flood event.
  4. Seek emergency assistance by registering in person at Disaster Recovery Centers or filing damage information on FEMA’s website (www.DisasterAssistance.gov). Emergency assistance may also be available for tenants.
  5. Apply for permits and provide documentation of damage and cost estimates to repair buildings to pre-damage condition. Detailed costs for repairs should be prepared and signed by contractors licensed in Florida.
  6. Work closely with local officials and contractors to ensure permits are obtained before starting repairs.
  7. Meet with local officials to determine requirements for bringing substantially damaged buildings into compliance with flood damage prevention ordinances and the FBC. This may involve elevating buildings on higher, compliant foundations.
  8. Obtain and submit Elevation Certificates to document lowest floor elevations and other building characteristics, as required by the FBC.

Helpful Links

Pinellas County Emergency Management Number: (727) 464-3800

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