All rates are set by the Board of City Commissioners as part of Exhibit A – Ordinance 2021-12, Fees & Collection Procedure Manual                                                                                                         

Rate table

Fees for the Madeira Beach Municipal Marina shall be as follows. Slips are open to the Public on a first-com first serve basis.
Updated 9/7/2021
 fees are subject to all applicable sales taxes
Transient wet Slip $2.10 /foot/day
Small boat transient Wet Slip $0.94 /foot/day
Transient dry storage $18.73 /day
Holiday or Holiday weekend Dry Storage $28.04 /day
Transient weekly wet slip $11.00 foot/week
Monthly transient dry storage $187.80
Monthly boat lift $14.75 /foot
Monthly Wet Slip $10.85 /foot
Monthly Commercial wet slip $11.80 /foot
Monthly Wet slip live-aboard $16.72 /foot
Monthly dry storage-Under 26′ boat length $147.47
Monthly dry storage-Over 26′ boat length $187.80
Monthly dry storage Madeira Beach Resident $118.33
Monthly dry storage non-motorized boats (kayak) $28.17
Late Fee  $30.00 (non-taxed)
Boat Ramp Fee:
Launch $1.87
Launch and Park $9.35
Holiday Launch and Park $14.02
Fuel Discounts
Maximum discount per gallon $0.30/gal
Commercial $0.20/ gal
Gulf of Mexico Commercial Fishing Fleet Discount $0.30/ gal
50+ Gallon $0.05/ gal
Boat US/ Sea Tow $0.05/ gal
Madeira Beach Resident $0.05/ gal
City Co-sponsored/ Community events $0.20/ gal
    • Great American Grunt Hunt
    • King of the Beach fishing tournament (Spring and Fall)
    • Veterans Boat Parade
    • Wild West Kingfish Tournament (Spring and Fall)
    • Sun Coast Kingfish Classic (Spring and Fall)
    • Christmas Boat Parade
    • Any other City Co-sponsored events as approved by the City Manager
Live aboard permits $5.00 (non-taxed)


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