Report Red Tide

Unfortunately, Red Tide is among us. This natural occurring problem has no easy solution. As in 2018 a cooperative effort, with Pinellas County Public Works being at the helm, has been initiated many weeks ago. This involves the deploying large amounts of resources to include contracting with fishing boats to attempt to scoop up the red tide and dead fish prior to it reaching our shores.

These resources are also utilize to deal with the influx of dead fish in our canal system. The prognosis currently is not good since red tide has been seen miles off of our coast. The City of Madeira Beach Public Works Department, as well as other city resources are contributing as much as we can do to mitigate this unfortunate incident.

The City of Madeira Beach is working with the contractors to make sure heave hit areas of dead fish are picked up as soon as possible. To report any dead fish around your area please use the form below which will be directed to the City Manager’s Office as well as the Public Work’s Director. From there we will pass the address along to the contractor for pick up.

  • If you do not want to share your address please state the area of concern below so we can deploy to the correct areas.
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