Safe Boat Handling in Bad Weather

Posted on May 25, 2022

Boating In Storm

As we continue National Boating Safety Week we are looking at boating in bad weather. Florida weather can change in minutes so it is important to brush up on safety skills prior to boating, while boating, and securing items after boating.

Recreational boaters can avoid boating in bad weather for the most part by checking the marine forecast before heading out and postponing their cruise until the weather improves. But once on the water sudden severe thunderstorms are still a hazard and can materialize out of nowhere. That’s when seamanship—the ability to pilot a vessel effectively under adverse conditions—comes into play. It is a skill acquired over time and involves a broad understanding of your vessel and how it handles in different situations and with varying loads. It also requires knowledge of wind, water and geography, information that can be gained both in the classroom and in on-the-water training. You and your boat need to be prepared at all times. Anchors and rodes should be kept in a state of readiness, along with life jackets and all other safety equipment.

Make sure to stay alert on weather conditions, then check it again: 


More helpful tips: 

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