Sewer Smoke Testing Jan. 15-20

Posted on January 17, 2024

Sewer Smoke Testing- January 15 – 20, 2024

Sewer smoke testing is underway in Madeira Beach, impacted residents have been notified by door hangers.

Pinellas County’s Department of Environment and Infrastructure (DEI) is conducting the testing, which involves forcing non-toxic, artificially created smoke down manholes and through sewer pipes to find cracks and other anomalies in the sanitary sewer systems. Another aim of the testing is to find unpermitted connections.

Residents in test areas are advised to pour water into any drains that are not frequently used. Water will fill the drain trap and prevent smoke from entering.
The correction of any defects discovered on private property is the responsibility of the home or building owner, per Pinellas County. The owner will be notified if defects are detected.
The smoke is said to have a distinctive but not unpleasant odor that lasts only a few minutes with adequate ventilation. It creates no fire hazard and has no ill-effects on people, plants or animals.

Anyone who experiences irritation from the smoke is advised to leave the area and ventilate the home.

Testing will be from January 15th through January 20th.

For more information, visit www.pinellascounty.org/utilities or call 727-464-4000

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