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Posted on November 13, 2020

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November 13, 2020

Dear Madeira Beach Property Owner,

Many property owners are facing heavy clean up and repair responsibilities following the recent tropical storm and flooding event.  Be sure to document the damage accurately and contact your insurance carrier before beginning any repair work.

City staff is organized in rapid review mode to facilitate a speedy response to the assessment of damage and permitting of requirements.  Be sure to apply for permits for all construction activities.  For your convenience, permitting forms are available online at https://madeirabeachfl.gov/documents/permit-application/.  Also, for your own protection, always hire licensed contractors.

Be very careful if working on repairs yourself and be aware that even owner completed repairs require permits.  The leading cause of death during a flood is electrocution.  Also, improperly dried or sealed walls can become the site of dangerous mold development.  Flooding can also jeopardize the structural integrity of the building.  Protect your family and property by ensuring all repairs meet code.

The Pinellas County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) makes available an online form to document property damage.  The purpose of this form is to ensure the County properly inventories the impact of the storm to hopefully qualify for FEMA funding assistance.  This is not an insurance form but would greatly help the community in its recovery efforts.  The link is as follows. https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/3549976c61cf4f73a8910a9273107270

For more information and assistance with your recovery process, call Planning and Zoning and/or the Building Department at (727) 391-9951.  We look forward to working with you as we rebuild our community.

Best Regards,

Bob Daniels
City Manager
City of Madeira Beach

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