FAQ Topic: Services & safety

How do I obtain an Emergency Access Permit?

If there is an evacuation of the city you will need an Emergency Access Permit to gain access back to Madeira Beach. To get a permit please see our Emergency Access Permit site:

What do I do after a storm?

Pinellas County has a great resource for what to do after a storm passes including: Food Safety Restroom safety Drinking Water Generator Safety Chainsaw Safety Driving Safety Re-Entering the County Debris Cleanup *During an active emergency please call the Citizen Information Center for more information: 727-464-4333*

Whom do I call if power is out?

**If you see a live wire near a tree or house call 911 immediately** Duke Energy is responsible for restoring power to a residence. Please visit their website below or give them a call to report an outage. Duke Energy: 800-228-8485

What is a Host Home?

Employers, places of worship, civic organizations and community groups are among the organizations that can establish their own voluntary Host Homes  programs that they operate for their own employees or members. It gives an opportunity for those within an organization who live in a secure home in a non-evacuation area to open their home to a fellow … Continued

How do I find a shelter?

Please visit the Pinellas County Emergency Management site for a how to guide on shelters. Review the site to help determine when the right time is to go to a shelter as well as a list of local shelters.

How do I find pet friendly shelters?

Please visit the Pinellas County Emergency Management site below for pet friendly shelters and how to register your pet.

How do I find a Shelter with Special Needs capabilities?

Please visit the Pinellas County site for more information on:  Public Shelter List  Register for Special Needs  Special Needs Shelter Locations  What to Expect from a Special Needs Shelter  Advice for All Residents with Special Needs  

Is there a Hurricane Guide?

Yes, please see the link below for some helpful information for before, during, and after a storm.

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