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Building Department

Duties and Responsibilities

The Building Department administers and enforces the most recent edition of the Florida Building Codes for new and existing building construction. Our experienced staff administer all aspects of fire, zoning, and neighborhood integrity codes and ordinances in an effort to ensure a safe, well maintained community.

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The Building Official performs various inspections through all phases of construction to ensure the facility is in compliance with established codes. A final inspection is conducted before the structure can be occupied.

Once a structure is complete Building Code Compliance is responsible for the ongoing enforcement of all City codes and Ordinances as they relate to inspections, neighborhood integrity, and the safety and aesthetics of the community.

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Role and Position in City Hall

The Building Department consists of four positions: the Building Official, Permit Technicians, and the Building Code Compliance Officer and the Assistant to the Building Official. The Building Official answers directly to the City Manager.

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