Building Permitting Documents

See below for the Building Department Documents. Please download the form and send it to the below address or come in person to City Hall and deliver to the Permit Desk.

Payment Options: 
*All credit card payments have a $.30 plus 3% of the value convenience fee per transaction*

  • In Person Payments- Cash, Credit Card, Check or, Money Order via City Hall Permit Desk
    (City Hall address below)
  • Mail in Payment- Check or Money Order only
    (mailing address below, check payable to City of Madeira Beach)
  • Phone Payment- Call with a Credit Card: 727-391-9951

City of Madeira Beach
Building Department
300 Municipal Drive
Madeira Beach, FL 33708

Building Permitting Documents

Authorized Agent Affidavit
Change of Contractor Application
Chapter 62, Article II of the Madeira Beach Code of Ordinances
Code Complaint Form
Code Compliance Letter
Disclosure Statement required by F.S. 489.103 as Amended
Fee & Collection Procedure Manual
FY 2020 Building Permit & Inspection Utilization Report
Impervious Surface Ratio (ISR) Worksheet
Lien Request
Not To Exceed Agreement
Notice of Commencement
Permit Checklist Commercial Interior Remodel Renovation
Permit Checklist Commercial New Construction
Permit Checklist Deck Slab Patio
Permit Checklist Demolition (Interior)
Permit Checklist Demolition of Structure
Permit Checklist Docks Boatlifts Pilings RipRap Dredge & Fill
Permit Checklist Door Replacement Hurricane Protection Checklist
Permit Checklist Driveway Pavers Walkways
Permit Checklist Fence Retaining Wall
Permit Checklist Garage Door Replacement
Permit Checklist Gas Propane Tank & Piping
Permit Checklist Generator
Permit Checklist Mechanical HVAC Change Out
Permit Checklist Parking Lot Paving Sealing
Permit Checklist Residential Interior Remodel Renovation
Permit Checklist Roofing
Permit Checklist Seawall
Permit Checklist Shed Accessory Structure
Permit Checklist Sign Installation
Permit Checklist Solar
Permit Checklist Swimming Pool Spa (Residential)
Permit Checklist Water Heater Change Out
Permit Extension Affidavit
Rental Inspection – City Code Section
Rental Inspection Form
Rental Property Inspection Checklist
Rental Property Inspection Program Brochure
Rental Property Inspection program Letter
Residential Swimming Pool/Spa/Hot Tub Safety Act Notice of Requirements
Revision / Resubmittal Cover Sheet
RFP#23-02 – Building Services
Subcontractor Job Card
Test Boring Permit Application
Well/Test Boring Application
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