Jenny Rowan Senior Planner 727-391-9951 Ext. 283 Email
Frank Desantis, CBO Building Official 727-391-9951 x 242 Email
Holden Pickard Building Codes Compliance II 727-391-9951 x 298 Email
Clint Belk Fire Chief 727-391-3400 Email
Robert Daniels City Manager 727-391-9951 x 227 Email
Jay Hatch Recreation Director 727-392-0665 Email
Patrick Cade Accounting Manager 727-391-9951 x 237 Email
Donna Rolih Administrative Assistant to Finance 727-391-9951 x 229 Email
Linda Portal Community Development Director 727-391-9951 x 255 Email
Sue Tofthagen Parking Supervisor 727-391-9951 x 243 Email
Clara VanBlargan, MMC, MSM City Clerk, Chief Elections Officer 727-391-9951 x 231 Email
Tom Trask City Attorney 727-391-9951 x 228 Email
Megan Powers Executive Assistant to the City Manager 727-391-9951 x 228 Email
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