Board of Commissioners

Representing the people of Madeira Beach


The City of Madeira Beach is a commission-manger form of government. The Board of Commissioners (BOC) have legislative power of the city that includes adopting, amending, and repealing ordinances and resolutions, levying taxes, applying for and approving grants, renewing or extending franchises, and setting fees or user charges or municipal services. The BOC appoints the City Clerk, City Manager, City Attorney, and authorizes the appointment of the City Treasure/Finance Director, and all serve at the pleasure of the Board of Commissioners.

The City of Madeira Beach Board of Commissioners (BOC) is comprised of a Mayor, and four District Commissioners. The Mayor is nominated at large, voted for at-large, and serves a three-year term. Each of the four District Commissioners are nominated from the District in which they reside, voted for at-large, and serve a two-year term. The new Commissioners are sworn into office at a regular meeting or special meeting following the election but no later than the end of the month in which they are elected. The first meeting of the new Board of Commissioners is at the first regular meeting following the Election and at this meeting, the Board appoints a Vice Mayor from the District Commissioners to serve a one-year term.

See below for the current Board of Commissioners (BOC):

  • John Hendricks, Mayor :┬áMarch 2020 - March 2023
  • Helen "Happy" Price, Vice Mayor/District 1 Commissioner : March 2020 - March 2022
  • Nancy Hodges, District 2 Commissioner : March 2020 - March 2022
  • Doug Andrews, District 3 Commissioner : March 2021 - March 2024
  • Dave Hutson, District 4 Commissioner : March 2021 - March 2024
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