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Planning & Zoning

Duties and Responsibilities

The Community Development Department’s mission is to foster an attractive, economically and environmentally healthy city that is safe, diverse and livable for all. The Department includes Planning and Zoning, Business Tax Licensing, Floodplain Management and shared responsibility for the management of Code Compliance. It is directed by the Planning and Zoning Director who answers directly to the City Manager.

Mission and Role In City Hall

The mission of the Planning & Zoning Department is to maintain the unique beach community character while working toward a vision of improved land and water uses.  The planning process is intended to improve the health, safety, and welfare of the City

The Planning Services Consultant reports to the City Manager and serves as the staff liaison to the Planning Commission, Board of Commissioners, and Special Magistrate for variance, special exception use, and administrative appeal cases and any other advisory committees that may be created.

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