Streets & Stormwater


The catch basins and grates you see on the sides of your streets convey the stormwater runoff directly into Boca Ciega Bay. Please do not put anything into these drains that could harm the waters or wildlife that depends on these waters. If you ever see anyone introducing something suspect into this system, please call our Code Enforcement Department at (727)391-9951 x 235 and inform them.

It is illegal to dump toxic chemicals or waste into storm drains or anywhere else that may expose waste in the environment. To report illegal dumping, call the City’s Stormwater Department at (727) 543-8154 or the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Waste Management at (813) 632-7600 (Tampa). Stormwater Flyer


Pet waste contains bacteria that can contaminate a watershed, posing health risks to humans and other animals, potentially causing the spread of disease.

Avoid certain fertilizers during the summer ban (June 1-Sep 30) as these nutrients can harm aquatic life.

Grass clippings from a freshly mowed lawn are a problem when they leave the yard. Keep lawn clippings on the grass … bag or mulch it!

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