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Welcome to The City of Madeira Beach!

Recent News

We are following Hurricane Irma closely along with you all.

Visit the City’s Hurricane Information Page for updates on bridge closures, sandbag availability, and more.


Residents and Community Members of Madeira Beach,

First, I would also like to thank Madeira Beach’s Acting City Manager, Derryl O’Neal and all of the City staff, fire department, and volunteers who have done an outstanding job of keeping our City on an even keel before, during, and after Hurricane Irma. I would also like to send a huge thank you to the deputies who secured our evacuation route and allowed for re-entry.

Also, a big thank you to the residents and businesses of Madeira Beach who followed the evacuation orders to stay safe. We appreciate your patience during the re-entry period. I know everyone was anxious to return. Pinellas County Sheriff’s Offices control the time in which return is possible to Madeira Beach. In this case they had to delay re-entry until streets were cleared and it was safe to return.

We are so grateful that at the last minute Irma shifted eastward and we avoided a hurricane that could have caused major devastated our City. Madeira Beach was extremely fortunate that we weren’t hit as hard as expected and the storm surge remained minimal. However, my heart goes out for those of you who had damage.

But one thing is clear… Madeira Beach is strong! When people are in are need, we come together and unite as a team. Speaking of helping people, Save On Seafood (next to the Marina on 150th Ave. just before the bridge) are nice enough to be giving away ice…donations only…just bring a cooler.



Mayor Maggi Black

Sea Turtle Season: May 1 – October 31, 2017


Loggerhead sea turtles visit the West Coast of Florida and our Gulf Beaches each year between April and October to lay their nests. Only the mother turtle actually crawl onto the beach, usually under the cover & protection of darkness, to lay 80-120 eggs in a nest. You will see these nests marked off to protect them from human activity. You can help protect our nesting sea turtles and other wildlife by leaving our beaches:

CLEAN – Leave no trash or beach furniture/toys on the beach overnight – this is required by the City’s ‘Leave No Trace’ ordinance.

FLAT – Sea turtles are made to swim, hence crawling on the beach is an effort. Please fill in all holes and flatten your sand castles.

DARK – Sea turtles and hatchlings navigate by the stars and moons reflection off the water. Flashlights, camera flashes, and building lights can disorient the turtles away from the sea.

All sea turtles and marine life are protected by law. Do not interfere with or disturb nesting turtles or hatchlings.

For more information visit:

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Upcoming Events

September 1 – Free Beach Movie: Top Gun

September 4 – Labor Day: City Closed

September 7 – Movie Matinee: Casablanca

September 11 – 9/11 Memorial Service & Madeira Beach Social Club Meeting  

September 13 – Day Trip: Dali Museum

September 20 – Social Club Lunch Bunch

September 23 – Madeira Beach Open: Putt Putt Tournament

Upcoming Meetings

September 13th, Wednesday 2PM          **CANCELED** Special Magistrate **CANCELED**

September 19th, Tuesday 6PM          Second Budget Hearing

September 25th, Monday 2PM          Special Magistrate – Variance / Special Exception Hearings

September 26th, Tuesday 2PM          Board of Commissioners Workshop

September 26th, Tuesday 6PM          Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting

Meet the Board of Commissioners

Maggi Black : Mayor

Maggi Black


(407) 496-4498

John Douthirt : Vice Mayor

John Douthirt

Vice Mayor

Terry Lister : Commissioner

Terry Lister


(727) 399-3624

Nancy Hodges : Commissioner

Nancy Hodges


(727) 393-6138

Nancy Oakley : Commissioner

Nancy Oakley


(727) 215-1427