Emergency Access Permits

Available for Madeira Beach Residents and Business Employees

Under disaster conditions and the following recovery operations, access to Madeira Beach will be restricted to persons with identification showing they are a resident or property owner. This is to prevent sightseers and other unauthorized people from hindering emergency operations and provide safety/security for our resident’s property.

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office’s Emergency Access Permit tags will be issued to residents (owners and tenants) and business owners/property management companies year-round. This program offers 2 tags per household and up to 15 to local businesses. These tags are for Madeira Beach addresses, locations in surrounding barrier islands must be obtained in the specific municipality. Residents and business owners of Madeira Beach may obtain their tags at City Hall or visit PCSO website. Once a mandatory evacuation order has been lifted, the tags will be required to re-enter the evacuated area. There are nine points to barrier islands, access will be limited based on the closest entry point of one’s residence/business. PCSO will be posted at city entrances will scan the barcode of the permit which is required to be displayed by hanging from a vehicle’s rearview mirror.

This is a Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office program, all rules/mandates associated with the tags are regulated by PCSO. To register visit https://pcsoweb.com/emergency-access-permit

*Anyone without the emergency access pass will be denied entry*

Emergency Access Pass
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