Fire Inspections


Personnel with a variety of certifications accomplish this goal through many areas: Public Education, Fire Plan Reviews, Inspections, Code Enforcement, and Fire Investigation to assist with prosecution and conviction of arson crimes. The Department works closely with local community groups, individuals, and other Fire Department and State organizations to create a safer environment for our residents, businesses and visitors.

The best way to fight fires is to prevent them before they start. Routine fire inspections are conducted to help reduce and prevent fire and injuries. Florida State Statute 633.081 gives the Fire Department Inspectors the authority to inspect every business within our Fire District. The purpose of the inspection is to:

· Identify and correct fire code violations

· Educate business and property owners about fire and life safety

· Reduce fire loss

· Prevent injuries due to fires

All commercial, multi-residential, and/or multi-story structures.

Fire prevention inspections are conducted annually for high hazard structures/business and every two years for low hazard.

Extension cords
Extension cords cannot be used as a substitute for permanent wiring. Instead, use a multi-outlet power strip that plugs directly into a wall outlet.

Emergency lights/Exit signs
Lights and signs (that are illuminated from within) shall function in both normal and emergency power modes.

Fire Extinguishers
Extinguishers shall be visible, readily accessible and be inspected and tagged every 12 months

Exits shall be visible and unobstructed, all hardware shall be in good working condition and shall remain unlocked during business hours.

Fire Alarm Systems
Fire alarm system shall be inspected and tagged at required intervals by a certified fire alarm company.

Fire Sprinkler Systems
Fire sprinkler system shall be inspected and tagged at required intervals by a certified fire sprinkler company.

Private hydrants shall be inspected and tagged annually by a certified company.

Multi-story commercial structure, multi-residential, high occupancy

Small Mercantile, office

Always be sure to contact your fire inspector when emergency contact information changes.
In the event of an emergency, it is important that we are able to contact the correct individual. By providing us with up to date emergency contact information we can make contact as quickly as possible.

If your property has a Supra Safe Lockbox Box, notify us when keys change! The lockbox provides rapid entry for emergency services, but only if the keys inside are current. If locks are rekeyed, contact Madeira Beach Fire Department to switch them out 727-391-3400.

Any/all work done to life safety systems, such as sprinkler systems and fire alarm systems MUST be done by a licensed company. Always check with the Madeira Beach Building Department regarding permitting requirements before beginning work. 727-391-9951

Submit all inspection, testing and maintenance reports for sprinkler system, fire alarm systems and private fire hydrants to Madeira Beach Fire Department. Documents may be forwarded to

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