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Office of the City Clerk

Nick Lewis

Interim City Clerk

Phone: (727) 391-9951 x 231




The City Clerk is appointed by the Board of Commissioners as an officer of the City. The City Clerk’s responsibilities consist of the following:

  • Custodian of public records of the City
  • Authenticates by signature and records in full in a book kept for the purpose; i.e., all ordinances and resolutions.
  • Serves as Supervisor of Elections for City Elections
  • Posts notices of meetings
  • Advertises legal and classified notices pertaining to ordinances, resolutions, zoning changes, budget, elections, vacancies, etc.
  • Assists in the preparation of agendas and packets for the Board of Commissioners, Civil Service Commission, Special Magistrate Hearings, and the Planning Commission.
  • Notifies residents that may be affected of potential zoning changes, land use changes, and site plans pursuant to the City Code of Ordinances
  • Maintains minutes and records of all the Board of Commissioners proceedings along with the other appointed boards.
  • Comprehends state, county and city laws, rules, and regulations regarding the functions of Records Management and Election procedures.
  • Attends meetings and conferences for educational growth related to the position, to learn new regulations and procedures, and network with others in the field.
  • Schedules registrations and reservations for the Board of Commissioners.
  • Assists citizens by providing document copies, and information as requested.


Along with the City Manager and City Attorney, the City Clerk is appointed directly by the Board of Commissioners as a Chartered member of staff. The Office of the City Clerk maintains all the City’s records and coordinates record management efforts and training in each department. The City Clerk answers directly to the Board of Commissioners.

The Administrative Support Specialist works as an Administrative Assistant for any and all departments under the supervision of the City Clerk. The Support Specialist works with the City IT contract to maintain and update the website, records minutes for Board of Commissioner’s meetings, aids in updating Administrative Procedures, and works on various projects throughout City Hall as needed.



To view the City’s recently approved Ordinances and Resolutions, please visit our new page under the “Documents” tab, click here.


Application for Appointment to City Boards

Request for Information (Optional) – It is not required that you submit a written document to make a public records request.  This form was only created for you convenience.*


Osprey Watch

At the Madeira Beach City Centre, we have a breeding pair of ospreys that have made their home here. They have been spotted on the Madeira Beach City Hall property for at least the last ten years. The pair is currently constructing a new nest on the left field light pole on Field #3 and near the Love Lock Tree in ROC Park. If you would like to follow the osprey’s nesting cycle or learn more about the species in general, please visit Osprey Watch. The activities of our nest (Nest #1145) are occasionally updated. Happy viewing!

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