Civil Service Commission

Civil Service Commission – 5-member board – regular meetings held quarterly, dates and times vary - members must be citizens and eligible to vote in the City. The Civil Service Commission is established by City Charter, Section 5.7. The primary functions include serving as the employee grievance hearing board and preparing personnel rules for adoption by the Board of Commissioners. The rules include, but not limited to:

  • A pay plan for all classified City positions; methods for determining the merits and fitness of candidates for appointment or promotions;
  • Policies and procedures regulating reduction in force, demotion, suspension and removal of employees;
  • The hours of work, attendance regulation and provisions for sick and vacation leave;
  • Grievance procedures, including procedures for the hearing of grievances by the Civil Service Commission, which may render advisory opinions based on its findings to the City Manager with a copy to the aggrieved employee. In this respect the Civil Service Commission shall have the power to issue subpoenas to compel attendance by witnesses and to administer oaths;
  • Other practices and procedures necessary to the administration of the City personnel system;
  • In connection with the aforementioned personnel rules, the Civil Service Commission shall inquire into the implementation of such personnel rules as considered necessary to ensure compliance therewith.

Contact the City Clerk for additional information and if you are interested in serving on the Civil Service Commission, please fill out a board application and send it to the City Clerk. To download the board application, click the Link below.

Clara VanBlargan, MMC, MSM, City Clerk
727-391-9951, ext. 231

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