FEMA- June Plan

Are you ready?

Hurricane Season Starts June 1st, are you ready?

Hurricane season starts June 1st. Make sure you and your family  are ready and understand Hurricane impacts and what to do before and after the storms. Don't forget to make a plan for your pets, they are family too!

*Under disaster conditions and the following recovery operations, access to Madeira Beach will be restricted to persons with identification showing they are a resident or property owner. Emergency access permits are available to Madeira Beach Residents and Business Owners, sign up here.

*Receive alerts about emergencies and other important community news by signing up for Alert Pinellas

Take a look below for some links on how to prepare before and after the storm below!

What to do before a storm

There are many ways you can prepare your home and family prior to a storm.

Prep before a Hurricane

  • Sign up for alerts on storm tracking
  • Prepare your home
    • Clear your yard of furniture and potential projectiles
    • Board up windows or put up shutters
    • Be ready to turn off power in case of a flood
    • Fill containers with clean water for drinking
    • Place important documents or valuables in watertight containers
    • Gas up vehicles and be ready if you need to evacuate
  • Identify a safe spot for potential tornado activity
    • inside room without windows on the lowest floor (bathroomcloset, center hallway)
  • Build/replenish your kit
  • Make an evacuation plan

What to do during a storm

Make sure you know what to do during a storm to stay safe.

Car flooded

  • Stay indoors
  • Stay tuned to the news or other alert outlets on storm tracking
    • Be prepared for tornadoes during a hurricane
  • Turn off power if flood waters rise
  • Do not drive or swim through flooded waters. Turn around don't drown!
  • If needed call 911 for help
    • Keep in mind that depending on the storm and flood waters emergency personnel may suspend emergency operations until it is safe.
  • Keep calm and wait for the storm to pass!

What to do after a storm

Make sure you know what to do after a storm to stay safe.

After Storm Damage

  • Listen to local officials for information
    • If you evacuated make sure it is safe to come back from local officials
  • When assessing damage be carful of down powerlines
  • If there is still flooding turn around
  • Do not touch electrical equipment if still wet
  • Reporting Damage: it is important to do the following before clean up
    • Take pictures of water lines on the house
    • Take pictures of any damage, more pictures the better
    • Document estimated cost of damage
    • Send information to Pinellas County (the Madeira Beach Community Development team can also help get information to the County)
    • Contact your insurance company for further information on  your policy and what information they need
  • Debris Clean Up
    • Public Works will work hard to collect debris on the curb
      • Debris pick up will start with major roads and continue into neighborhoods
      • Garbage pick up might not be on a regular schedule as the dumping of debris takes a bit longer post storm
    • Dispose of sandbags properly
  • Properly apply for permits for restoration (contact the Building or Community Development Departments for specific information)
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